Villeine is an NYC-based, small batch production clothing and accessories brand. Our aspiration is to bring you pieces that will one day turn into beloved hand-me-downs. All garments are made locally in New York's historic garment district, using American-milled textiles, or upcycled vintage fabric. Villeine aims to make clothing that will stay with you for life - repair and renew, patch and mend, pass on and love throughout your rough and tumble life.

Founder Hannah Mosman hails from Portland, OR and was inspired by her family's roots in farming and logging, particularly her grandfather's constant overalls-wearing. The American west paralleled with medieval England's feudal system, where the farmer (or "villein") was, in a way, first defined, guide Villeine's influences toward creating quality clothing for people with an appreciation for past craftsmanship.

Medieval playing card etching of two villeines walking to a castle